Sarah Smith - S2 Social Studio 2024
Hi, I'm Sarah!

Nothing lights me up more than helping other badass female entrepreneurs be truly seen and heard.

Sometimes it can seem scary to put yourself out there, or maybe you are unsure how to share all the amazing things that you have to offer, but when your business begins growing and blossoming into everything you've always envisioned, it becomes truly magical.

I am here to make this process effortless for you! When partnering together, I handle all the heavy lifting around your social media and content marketing. By implementing a strong strategy, and pivoting as trends come and go, your brand awareness will increase exponentially!

Balancing all the things within your business is already time consuming enough, am I right?

Then when you add in creating new, attention-grabbing, scroll-stopping, trendy content, it instantly triples your to-do list. Have you ever tracked how much time you spend creating content for your social media platforms, email community, website, and more? 

When implemented consistently, I am willing to bet it takes a minimum of twenty hours per month of your time, which is insane to think about! Those twenty-plus hours could be spent doing more of the things you love inside your business. From mapping out products, services, and live events, to sharing content from several strategically established content pillars, rounding up assets, creating graphics, drafting up emails, and SO much more, the time flies by. Or worse, you just slap something together and hope it sticks which leads to content that doesn’t truly reflect and align with you, your brand, and the transformation you provide to your dream audience.

Just imagine the endless possibilities that would become available if you delegated all things digital marketing to an expert (aka me!) that could do all of the heavy lifting so that you could do more of the things that truly light you the f*ck up? It would be AMAZING! That alone would expand your business exponentially because you will have more headspace for creativity to flow, leading to new, life-changing ideas.

Just a little bit about me...

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be Thailand or Ireland – so freaking beautiful!

Umm, I might be slightly obsessed with iced coffee – I am still trying to decide.

My wife and I have two kiddos, three dogs, and two cats – so it is a full house to say the least!

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