Writing a bunch of words can be hard sometimes, am I right?

Especially when you want them to build trust and convert! That is when email management can make all the difference.

Building an email list that trusts, engages, and relates to the content you are sharing doesn't just happen on a whim, though. It takes a strong strategy, gathering data, and pivoting as needed.

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If I had to guess, some of these are relatable...

You know the importance of growing your email list and nurturing your community but unsure how to effectively do it.

You’ve consistently sent out emails for a few weeks and then fall off the bandwagon, losing all progress you made.

You have no idea what to write about, and spend hours of your time (that you don’t have) simply brainstorming – yikes!

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Hi, I'm Sarah!

Nothing lights me up more than helping other badass female entrepreneurs be truly seen and heard.

Sometimes it can seem scary to put yourself out there, or maybe you are unsure how to share all the amazing things that you have to offer, but when your business begins growing and blossoming into everything you've always envisioned, it becomes truly magical.

I am here to make this process effortless for you! When partnering together, I handle all the heavy lifting around your overall marketing needs. By implementing a strong strategy, and pivoting as trends come and go, your brand awareness will increase exponentially!

The answer to your email writing worries...

Once a Week

Perfect for biz owners who want to share weekly tips and updates, while building trust and nurturing their community.

starting at $497/month
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Triple Down

Ideal for communities who thrive when hearing from you more often than not! Beautifully balanced with educational, promotional, relatable, and nurturing content leading to deep rooted trust with your biz.

starting at $1297/month
All day, every Day

Perfect for biz owners who like to connect with their community daily OR when you are ramping up for the launch of a new product or service!

starting at $1997/month
Your next level awaits

Here is what to expect...


Book a call so we can make sure that we vibe, I can learn more about your business & it’s needs.


Invoice will be sent along with contract(s) to ensure both parties are protected, prepared, and aligned. Once those are complete, you will have an in-depth questionnaire to complete prior to the content creation starting.


This is where the fun begins – creating content that nurtures and converts your community!

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